Experience our intelligent multi-account manager (MAM) which will make you effortlessly manage multiple accounts.

What is MAM ?
MAM is an integrated software tool that allows one MT4 user terminal to manage trading on multiple accounts simultaneously.
What can MAM be used for ?
MAM is able to execute bulk orders quickly and all accounts connected to it will automatically execute trades.
MAM suitable for who?
MAM is suitable for traders who use manual trading or EA trading and have multiple live trading accounts as well as fund managers.

Features of MAM

Applicable to all order types (market orders, stop orders, limit orders)

5 ways to allocate trading lots (by preset values, in equal proportions)

Open and close positions for all or some accounts

High compatibility and reliability with MetaTrader server side

Allow EAs

No limit on the number of linked accounts

Products and trading conditions are identical to those of a regular MT4 live account



Ability to execute bulk orders
Effective and efficient software interface
Comprehensive management of multiple accounts

How to get started with MAM







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